Opportunity Time

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Conversely to that, I avoid negative energy like the plague.

What you spend your time on is what I would call ‘opportunity time’. Most of us are not going to be able to overcome all the government intrusions that have occurred over the span of our nation’s history. Other countries’ histories are certainly worse than our own.

One can easily get ‘trapped’ I feel into the day-to-day miseries than encompass us and find it difficult to escape those negative traps. Instead, I have trained my mind to ‘flip’ when I hear things that I cannot change, things I know others cannot change, and to turn the topic into one fundamental facet of all our lives… death, hehe. That’s right.

If I were to pass away in the night, would the issue of the day be different tomorrow? If the answer is ‘no’, then I flip that thought into one wherein I realize that I only have one more day to live. For that day, I wish to do something profound, something that moves me deeply.

In this way, I surround myself with high energy people that also wish to make a difference, and with whom are passionate about what they are doing In the moment.
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