Jeff Barger

Jeff Barger

Jeff Barger

I’VE RUN A COMPANY I started for over 25 years now, so I’m prepared to take my art very seriously. One of my favorite motivational lines …”what makes a thing noble is its eternity”… Leonardo di Vinci

It’s hard to make things last, whether it’s relationships, a product, or a life choice. We have tremendous distractions today. I fear it is one of the downfalls of the recent generation… there are simply too many choices that it makes it hard to make the necessary commitment to be really good at one thing or another.

Art is legacy-building. Meant to transcend time itself. It’s always been my goal to reach people on an interpersonal level as quickly as possible. I want my art to do this as well.


I am committed to art. I am not just selling art… (what a chore that would be, hehe). I intend to create an image that will resonate with the public today, tomorrow, and to my children’s children. In other words, I am painting now for generations to come to continue to be able to appreciate. I wake up learning new things, and studying painters I’d like to emulate. I was very fortunate in my business career, and the sole reason I was is that I surrounded myself with individuals that made me better than I would have been otherwise.

Now, I surround myself with artists, and I cherish with heart and soul their efforts to create fantastic art. It is why I have created this gallery. Early on, I could see first hand that the walk-in-gallery model was outdated. The fees are too high, and one is reliant upon that gallery’s location primarily, and secondarily, their mantra in business. Do they nurture their customers? Do they respect fully the work that they have been allowed to display by working artists? Many times these answers are “no”.

I hope to change all that, for myself and my fellow professionals. And In the process, I’m making a life choice commitment that is intended to also stand the test of time.

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